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"...Thank you sooooo much for all your help especially at such short notice.  I really appreciate not only the time you took yesterday to make sure the video would work but also checking in.  The presentation went GREAT!!  I expect a strong grade and I had many comments from classmates how integrating the clips into the powerpoint made for a seamless presentation. Thank you again for your professionalism, kindness, and care!!  I will definitely send people your way."


Kristine H.


"I wanted to thank you so much for the videos.  They are all lovely and so professionally done.  I have a feeling I'll be back to you before you know it.  Thanks again."


Sonya B.


"We are very impressed with the timely quality service that was provided.  Michael’s expertise allowed the restoration of the fondest memories of our children from over 10 years ago.  Life’s Moments has provided countless 'giggles & grins' from our children, family and friends.  Thank you very much!!"


Trevor P.


"Thank you, that really is above and beyond.  I looked at the yesterday's DVD and it is wonderful, you did a great job.  I'm very excited about using the video clips for training."


Vicki F.

WCB Alberta


"...I got home yesterday, and shortly after arriving was surprised to see two of my adult sons ensconced around a TV set in the den, looking at your DVD. They were having a great time, and really appreciated it.  I had a quick look at the interface you made, including the style and sound track, and am very impressed.  Thank you for an excellent job."


Peter S.

Saanich, BC


"Thanks for the conversion, it is great.  It looks really professional and everything (menus, etc.) is just as I hoped it would be....Thanks again for the great product."


Gerrit B.


"...I very much appreciate the your quick turnaround and professional work.  We will recommend you further for video related services..."


Robert G.

"Superb job.  I have gone through my DVD's and the results were well above my expectations.  I will be calling soon to convert our Canadian DV's.!"


Ewald S.

 "The result completely meets my expectations. Thanks for the professional work and good



Herman V.


"I had a chance to quickly watch a small part of the DVD and it looked pretty good. Thanks for all the work on that. Cheers!"


Steve B.

Inuvik, NWT


"Played the "canadian" version at home, perfect, exactly what we wanted."


Dawn C.


"The videos were absolutely wonderful.   It was so nice to have these memories restored.  The quality was great and the packaging was great...."


DeAne L.


"It was a wonderful experience--you were efficient and knowledgeble and the package was excellent!  It was also a good deal. I have contacted ???????. They asked for $80-$100 for an hour-long conversion and there is a long waiting list.  ...you have the best intention for your customers. I will recommend your service to people whenever possible."


Dan L.


"...we were very happy with the DVDs.  I was surprised that they open up with chapter choices like a movie - makes it much easier to scan for a specific clip.  We were also pleasantly surprised that the quality was not too bad in our 20+ year old videos.  Most of them were taken on rented antique video cameras and then transferred to VHS.  Thanks for the good quality and fast service."


Marla M.


"We love the DVD's and are having a blast watching them.  You did a great job and they were definitely Ian's favorite Christmas present.  Thanks for an awesome job and for getting them done by Christmas."


Ian and Shawna B.


"Everyone loved the movies, you did an awesome job!!!"


Carrie S.


"Thanks very much again for transferring the VHS for me.   My friend was left utterly speechless by receiving this as a Christmas gift.   Thank you for your professional and expedient service.   I won't hesitate to use your services again if required."



YellowKnife, NWT


"The wedding slide show looks AWESOME!  Very impressed.  I love it.  I'm a little bit worried that I might get more requests for copies than I intended since you did such a good job.  Thanks again.  Can't wait to show it."


Pamela P.


"We have watched our slideshow a couple of times and I "Love It".  I want to thank you so much, it is a great keepsake and the kids love to watch it over and over again.  I will definitely get the pictures of my next holiday done the same way! Thanks again"


Lori F.


"The DVDs are fantastic, thanks a lot."


Troy B.


"Just to let you know that the guitar music as a background for the DVD slideshow is just lovely.  You have made our Peru Presentation richer.  Thanks so very much."


Gabriela A.


"Thanks so much for the transfer service (8mm to dvd) you provided. The Mpeg files were clear and the sound quality better than what I expected...  I really appreciate that you went out of your way to ensure I could make my timelines for editing by your quick turnaround in the conversion process. I am also very thankful for your advise in conversion format - the mpeg worked great. I will most certainly recommend your services."


Sandee G.


"The video was great. We really appreciate all the great work.  Thanks again."


Glen M.


"Awesome job! My husband and I were really impressed, and we appreciate the work you put into the cover as well! I will recommend you in the future to anyone who asks. Thanks so much!"


June and Darren J.


"The DVD's you made for us worked great. Thanks for doing that for us. I will definitely refer anybody that I know to you  to transfer VHS's to DVD's you did a great job.  Thanks again."


Renate W.


"I looked at both videos with my family yesterday and they were great. Quality was very similar to original tape and really enjoyed the introduction."


Michael F.



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