Home Video to DVD



Why convert your home video to DVD?


First of all, DVD media will last up to 100 years and will not deteriorate over time whereas video tape will suffer severe quality loss as time passes. Check, if you still can watch your outdated tapes that you shot years ago.  Do you see your video pulsing orange?  Are you seeing wavy lines or video flicking?  These are symptoms of tape deterioration.  Below are just a few conditions that can severely jeopardize your family memories if left on magnetic tape.  Once lost, they are gone forever!  Protect them today by transferring them to DVD and have them around for future generations to enjoy. Don't let time be your worst enemy!


Exposure to heat, humidity, and moisture

Equipment obsolescence

Mechanical damage

Improper care and handling

Accidental recording

Magnetic fields

Inadequate description or documentation 


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