Copy VHS to DVD



How to copy VHS to DVD?


This process is more complicated than it may seem.  Hooking VHS equipment up to your computer can seem daunting.  Don't worry, many people try to copy VHS to DVD, but most of them find it too time consuming and too difficult.  At Life's Moments we remove all the hassle and our staff will quickly and safely transfer your video tapes into perfect DVD discs without any problems.   All you have to do is gather your tapes, label them, and send them to us.  Save your precious memories by  transferring them to DVD with Life's Moments Video Services.


Why copy VHS to DVD


VHS tapes are obsolete and are no longer used for recording home videos.  Enjoy your old home movies on brand new DVDs.  Whats old is new again... share your memories with your friends and relatives.



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